Welcome to my online portfolio. Through this website I'm trying to give you an idea of the things I create. I like experimenting with colours and  have a preference for limited palletts. Digital colouring gives me many options, but I always enjoy gpoing back to my old love, which is colouring with professional markers.
I've started out with drawing fantasy figures, which for a part has resulted in a comic I create with a friend of mine and which can be read at our website Tirn Aill. Certain artwork will only placed there. Over the years I've begun deviating from that, trying to broaden my horizon, that's why I felt the need for this website. Works that don't get placed here can be found at my DeviantArt page.
I've divided my work into 5 categories, which you can access through the menu:
Hand: Here I will place all works that have been created and coloured manually, with media such as graphite and coloured pencils, markers, paints and pastels. This category is still a little thin, but I plan to correct that ;)
Computer: Here I will place all works that have been created or at least coloured digitally. I always ink my work manually, but mostly colour it with the aid of Photoshop. I also try my hand at vector drawing in CorelDraw every now and then.
Ink: Here I will place work where it's all about the inkwork rather than the colouring. I mainly ink with pens of different sizes, but I have begun to add brush-pens to the mix.
The Baby: Here I will place all sorts of works concerning this little baby character I came up with years ago. As I intend to create a whole line of products with The Baby I've given him a category of himself. This design lends itself beautifully to all sort of media, so you can find a mix of traditional and digital techniques in this category.
Websites: Here I will place examples of websites I have made, either for others or purely for the purpose of designing.